Best Augmented Reality Campaigns

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People Love Being Entertained And Brands Doing Innovative Things Like This Will Be Well Rewarded


We Live In An Augmented Reality Age!

Pepsi Max Caught Commuters Out At A Bus Stop In London

Lynx Are A Brand That Embrace Augmented Reality And Interactive Campaigns

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This Is What Happened In Victoria Train Station In London And The Video Went Viral Around The World. Major Brands Should Do More Of This !

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National Geographic’s Wonderful Campaign In London

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Here is a print example. On your smartphone download the Blippar app, then hover over this below and watch the magic happen! This IS the future for advertising in print and has already started happening

Blippar brings newspaper features to life as in this example in the Sunday Times newspaper

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The Artic is melting, the WWF and Coke are bringing this to the attention of everyone

How Ford Show Off Their New Cars

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Ford India is promoting the new Ford Fiesta with brochures and newspaper ads that have been augmented with Layar to add links and bonus content to the print materials.This IS the future of advertising in print, people interacting with ads through QR Codes, and companies like Metaio,Layar and Blippar that do augmented reality

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Blippar Create Some Great Campaigns
In the video below you’ll see a consumer using a Samsung galaxy tablet to recognise, track and engage with a real Vimto bottle. The bottle itself (which can be recognised from multiple angles and from significant distance) is the markerless trigger and returns a fun, engaging game to the tablet screen whereby the user is invited to squash virtual fruits which seem to fly out of the bottle itself. On completion of the challenge they are the rewarded with an on-screen voucher which could be redeemed in a nearby store.
What could your product ‘do’?

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If you have a product, using this technology you can show recipes using your product as in this example from Marmite

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Here is a video I made demonstrating how it brings ads to life

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I created this one to demonstrate to my daughter using Layar

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Total Immersion Are One Of The Leading Providers Of Augmented Reality

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You never know what is lurking behind the wall beside you….

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This video shows a selection of films you could see in London, what films would you like to see in AR? What would be your ultimate ARCinema city?

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Look at this video of what is happening in Dubai

Tomi Ahonen explains why Augmented Reality is the Next Big Thing A colourful, entertaining and educational talk that demonstrates some of the latest thinking and explains why augmented reality will literally change the way that we look at the world Tomi Ahonen was rated the most influential expert in mobile by Forbes in January 2012. He released his twelfth book in 2011 and is the most published author in the mobile industry. Widely respected in the industry, Tomi is referenced in over 100 books


Best Augmented Reality Campaigns

Augmented Reality is the future of advertising campaigns. See examples of what can be created